PROUD FATHERS' EVENTS/PROGRAMS: Fatherhood Conference (Signature Event)
provides several workshops and a luncheon with a keynote speaker. 1. The keynote speaker for year one was Football Hall of Famer Rod Woodson. There were 300 registered fathers.
2. Year two speaker was Thabiti Boone, President Obama’s Champion for Change for the President’s Fatherhood Initiative. There were 260 fathers registered for the conference along with 75 sons and daughters of the registered attendees. They participated in youth workshops as well. Fathers and Family Day at the Movies
An opportunity for men to bring their families to the movies for a family outing. This event’s average attendance is 75 fathers, including family members. PROUD Fathers, Inc. arranged to have the theatre open during non-peak time to allow the group in for a private showing. Father/Child Prayer Breakfast An event that is held at a local church inviting fathers and their children to worship and fellowship together. There are three prayers offered by local clergy: 1. Prayer for the children 2. Prayer for the Fathers 3. Prayer for the Family. The average attendance for this event is approximately 250 fathers and their children. Father/Child Book Club
This program meets once a month at a local library with fathers and their children to discuss the selected book. During the session, the father and child (ren) read and discuss the book together. This program is designed for fathers and their elementary aged children.
2016 Information & Registration: Fatherhood Conference Fatherhood Child Prayer Breakfast
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